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110 kV Sportivnaya Substation with 110 and 10 kV cable lines (project and research works, construction)

It has been successfully completed the construction of an object entitled “110 kV Sportivnaya Power Substation with 110 kV and 10 kV cable lines”, implemented as per the project developed by Soyuzenergoproekt LLC.

110 kV Sportivnaya Power Substation is a key object, essential for the power supplying of the mountain cluster infrastructure of the 2014 Winter Olympic Games in Sochi. This substation is directly located near sport facilities. Therefore, high level architectural requirements associated with common architectural style of Olympic objects were specified to the substation.

The exterior design, performed with a chalet style, which is harmoniously supplemented by daily and seasonal local lighting components, under such an elegant shape keeps in the dark a high tech object of the regional power network infrastructure.

The power substation is equipped with the up-to-date power equipment. Switchgears are represented by compact type GIS and metal enclosed switchgears. Control and monitoring systems are implemented up to the state of the art, which enables to carry out object operations without permanent human input.

You can read more details about 110 kV Sportivnaya Power Substation and feeding cable lines in an article from a journal named "Energiya Yuga”, №9, 2013.