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About company

Our engineering company brings together 120 high-class engineers, architects, programmers for the professional development of project documentation for the construction and modernization of power facilities.

We are not afraid of change and are looking for new opportunities to make electrical networks smarter, more reliable, safer, and the customer’s investment more efficient. The world is changing very fast and you need a partner who looks to the future.

Day after day, project after project, we help customers find new unique technical, architectural and economic solutions.

Our competencies
Development of design documentation for construction, reconstruction of high-voltage substations and power lines
Design of solar and wind power plants
Development, installation and commissioning of secondary systems, including relay protection and automatic equipment, SCADA
  • We have implemented projects: for construction of 19 new substations; updating 32 substations 110, 150, 220, 330, 500, 750 kV.
  • We have laid more than 840 km of overhead and cable lines 10-35, 110-750 kV.
Our priorities

All SEP engineers have experience of cooperation with contractors at the facilities that have been built under our projects and are well aware of the value and cost of each correct decision.


Qualification and experience of all company staff, clear organization of work processes, use of new technologies and modern software products form reliable basis for the quality of our project documentation.

Team work

In the course of project development, we become part of the customer’s team, and his project becomes the brainchild of our company. We discuss wishes, evaluate opportunities, find optimal solutions.


Dozens of high-voltage facilities 110-750 kV been built according to SEP projects.
Our solutions in the field of ecology and environmental protection have been recognized by experts and public institutions.

Our benefits

Ability to perform works at facilities of strategic importance in critical situations within short time.

Design of unique and technically complex facilities

Design of facilities to be operated in the permafrost zone of Arctic Circle

Design of facility at elevation above 1800 m, in avalanche zone with regular landslides and mudslides

Design of underground facilities at a depth of more than 30 m

Design of underwater facilities at a depth of 15-25 m

Design of direct current facilities.

Cooperation with international engineering, procurement, construction contractors in the implementation of energy projects

Design of Orel WPP 100 MW – General Contractor Vestas (Denmark)


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